It’s been an extraordinary year! So much has changed at the Studio!

Pilates Station was rebranded to Sana Motion and I’m very amazed at the level of positive responses and appreciation I have received from our Clients for all the courses we have been running throughout the year as well as how we are slowly yet gracefully trying to better ourselves in every aspect of the Studio!

I am so excited to further penetrate the Sana Motion brand across Bangkok as there is so much more to offer in addition to Pilates. The branding journey has been a challenge, however, I feel it truly captures the essences of what our products are all about! – “Healthy (Sana) Movement”

The New Year is just around the corner and this is usually the time when we write down our resolutions. I choose to reflect on 2017 😉

Pose of the Year

If you ask me as to what has been the most constructive pose for this year, it would have to be the

Roll Over


No matter where you are, no matter what your level is – it is never too late to learn or too late to continue this particular exercise as so much happens to your body with just 1 single pose:

  • It stretches the entire back of the body including the back of the legs
  • It strengthens all layers of the abdominals, glutes, hip extensors and triceps all in 1 exercise
  • It strengthens the importance of stretching and since it’s an inversion (lifting your legs on top of your head), it decompresses the lumbar spine which is the point where the spine curves inwards towards the abdomen.
  • It benefits people who have lower back pain or any stiffness or tensions in the lower back
  • It benefits people who spend many hours sitting on their chair as this causes excessive compression on the lumbar spine which is common in today’s world

Our team is ready to roll in 2018, are you ready to roll with us?

We are truly excited for 2018!

Sana Motion will be coming in with a twist which no other Studio in Bangkok has offered till date.

Stay Tuned!

Love, Patricia