Hello Everyone,

Call it Coincidence, but for some strange reason, in the last few weeks, I came to know so many of my friends who were going in for a Surgery and I had a moment where I felt as if doctors, surgeons, hospitals were just invading the world!


Don’t get me wrong, there are some conditions whereby Surgeries are required, however, there are some people who become victims of the money making medical industry. I’m not a doctor and I cannot analyze or judge the pathologies that one may have, however, based on my education, experience and knowledge, if Surgery is considered the only solution, then one must treat the situation as an opportunity to:

  1. mitigate the severity of the surgery and/or
  2. prepare for the surgery

Both of which can be achieved through Pilates!

At the end of the day, the objective is to Be Ready & to Recover quickly!

Surgery may seem to be the ‘only’ alternative for recovering from a particular condition and the Doctor/Surgeon will have a long list explaining the reasons why to go ahead with it; which is fine, however, here is what I recommend:

  1. Always Get a Second Opinion from other Professionals / Surgeons / Doctors / Hospitals to see if Surgery is the only option for the condition;
  2. Consult with close Family & Friends to see if they have any Recommendations;
  3. Do a complete Background Check of your Doctor / Surgeon / Hospital;
  4. Ensure you have a good rapport with the Doctor / Surgeon and you are comfortable in the Hospital that you are going ahead with.


Once you are convinced of the Surgery, here are a few things to do to prepare for it:

  1. Stop Worrying (easy said than done, however, if you are comfortable with your Doctor/Surgeon, you are already half way there into knowing that it’s all going to be ok).

  1. Nowadays, Hospitals give pre-operation orientation of what to expect before and after surgery. Good hospitals also provide a hand in offering psychological support before the surgery to reduce the panic or worrying that the patient may have.

How can Pilates Help?

As Pilates Instructors, we come in the duration that leads up to the Pre-operation stage. Our objective is to help patients achieve their best outcome after surgery and at the same time, help them to prepare for the Surgery.


  1. With the guidance from a Qualified, Trained & Knowledgeable Pilates Instructor, the patient can build further mobility, flexibility and strength to withstand the after effects of the surgery. A Private Pilates Setting is therefore a MUST!
  2. Deep breathing techniques during Pilates enables the patient to calm down and relax the nerves that are building up due to stress & worries.
  3. Results are seen after 10 sessions of Pilates, therefore, when the patient starts witnessing changes and seeing as well as feeling the difference, they psychologically start building more trust and faith in themselves and in their own body’s capabilities.
  4. Pilates has historically been the therapeutic alternative for correcting muscular imbalances and misalignment of the body and till today, it continues to do the same. Therefore, Pilates will recondition the patient’s body and strengthen it to reduce recovery time.
  5. The range of motion exercises and patterns performed on Pilates machines (ex: Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair…etc.) facilitates the exercises in order to target all the essential muscles for a quicker recovery period.
  6. Especially in the case of Orthopedic surgeries, Pilates reduces the recovery period as the surrounding tissues of the muscles become strong which is why Pilates is recommended before surgery.

For those of you who are going in for a Surgery or in the process of preparing for a Surgery, I am sending you my best wishes and hope that the above recommendations are useful for you!

I wish you a Speedy Recovery!