Prerequisites: Completed Pilates Matwork and Reformer Training.   Main Course Objective:

  • Is to learn how to create and instruct Beginner and Intermediate Cadillac sessions in a private class setting.  

Course Contents:

  • The Philosophy, concepts and principles of the Pilates Method
  • Anatomy & biomechanical analysis of movements
  • Effective use of each equipment to develop torso and joint stability, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Exercise goals and muscular engagement Proper alignment on apparatuses
  • Modifications and variations for different body types and postural issues Safety and proper set up of the equipment How to create programs How to create flow

Course Duration: 50 hours including instruction, supervised training, assignments and peer study   After-training requirements for Certification:

  • Minimum 5 hours observation
  • Minimum 25 hours self practice
  • Minimum 15 hours curriculum review
  • Minimum 10 hours practice teaching

  Available course languages:

  • English

Course Manuals


Instructor Trainers


Director of Education

Yok Jade Sengsmran

Senior Instructor


Upcoming Trainings:


11febAll Day14Cadillac Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Yok Jade Sengsamran

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