Intensive Teacher Training by Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI) with International Certification.

Prerequisites: If you are not a fitness professional, a minimum of 30 hours Pilates practice will be required before the training.   Main Course Objective:

  • Is to learn how to create and instruct Beginner and Intermediate Mat sessions in a private or group class setting. In addition to the general course objectives, you will learn: Matwork

  Course Contents:

  • The Philosophy, concepts and principles of the Pilates Method
  • Anatomy & biomechanical analysis of movements
  • Postural assessment, identification of faulty postures
  • Teaching methodology and how to address specific program
  • The repertoire of the beginner and intermediate level
  • Effective communication and observational skills, verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation
  • Modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
  • Effective use of the reformer to enhance torso stability and strength, peripheral extremity conditioning, joint stability, flexibility, balance and coordination

Course Duration: 40 hours including instruction, supervised training, assignments and peer study   After-training requirements for Certification:

  • Minimum 5 hours observation
  • Minimum 25 hours self practice
  • Minimum 30 hours curriculum review
  • Minimum 25 hours practice teaching

  Available course languages:

  • English
  • Thai
  • Chinese

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Instructor Trainers


Director of Education

Yok Jade Sengsmran

Senior Instructor


Upcoming Trainings:


30janAll Day03febMatwork Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Yok Jade Sengsamran


30janAll Day03febMatwork Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Yok Jade Sengsamran

23febAll Day27Matwork Certification Xiamen, Chinawith Patricia Duchaussoy


25aprAll Day29Matwork Certification Xiamen, Chinawith Patricia Duchaussoy


26junAll Day30Matwork Certification Xiamen, Chinawith Yok Jade Sengsamran

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