Combo Chair


  • Height: 61cm
  • Length: 76cm
  • Width, including handles and knobs: 68cm
  • Seat: 59cm x 34cm
  • Weight: 41 kg

*shipment not included in price.



The Pilates Chair, traditionally known as the ‘Wunda Chair’ does actually do Wonders! The Chair poses great physical challenges and a small workout using this equipment can leave you sweating and breathless!

  • The Pilates Chair is a great machine that saves you lots of space.
  • The padded split pedal allows exercises that use rotational and reciprocal movement of the extremities.
  • Each pedal has 2 springs (one light and one heavy), which enable the Chair to offer the widest range of resistance on the market – up to 41kg of resistance.
  • The height of the SPI Chair is ideal to use at the end of a Trapeze Table. The transport wheels makes it’s easy to move your chair when necessary.


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