Hammock Set


  • Fabric 6 meters supporting weight up to 500kg
  • 2 Daisy Chains CE norms – 22kn
  • 2 Safety Lock Carabiners CE norms – 22kn

*shipment not included in price.



  • What Is It?
    A long piece of fabric that has been developed for aerial enthusiasts and experts to perform aerial fitness i.e., Body Fly / Yoga Fly. The fabric is strong enough to support a weight of approximately 500 Kilograms and has a safety gear to grip the material effectively to support a variety of poses.
  • Why should you get it?
  • If you are a Yoga / Body Fly student, teacher or
    a general enthusiast, this hammock is for you!
  • Different resistances and poses can be applied to challenge and build muscle strength, power and endurance;
  • The properties of the hammock are maximized to allow easy grip and is user friendly for poses inside the loop
  • The material of the hammock supports hand movements by avoiding any burns or wounds
  • The material is washable in washing machine up to 60 Celsius.
  • The Hammock fabric is designed to practice aerial fitness such as YogaFly/BodyFly
  • Fabric properties are optimised to be easy to grab also for smaller hands, avoiding burns and wounds
  • Fabric is also comfortable for poses standing inside the loop
  • Fabric is washable in washing machine up to 60 celsius.


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