Classic Cadillac


  • Table Length: 236cm
  • Table Height: 62cm
  • Table Width: 66cm (incl. knobs on the side 88cm)
  • Full Height (from the floor to top): 215cm

*shipment not included in price.


  • The SPI Cadillac is engineered for a maximum of stability, efficient adjustment and safe use for both instructor and client.
  • The frame is built of stainless steel so that it is smooth and easy to maintain. It is resistant to chipping, pitting, corrosion and discoloration.
  • Push-through bar: repositioning the bar is a fast, one-person job that will not interrupt the flow of your session.
  • The Trapeze Table is solidly constructed with lapped and fitted joints for maximum stability.
  • The sliding cross bars feature greaseless bearings for ease of movement.

Traditionally, this 6 feet tall piece of equipment was developed by Joseph Pilates (the Creator of the Pilates Method) from hospital beds where the mattress of these beds were attached to the wall with springs. The Cadillac was used to facilitate bed ridden patients to perform various exercises and stretches and it symbolises the tie between workout and rehabilitation.


  • A table (trapeze) that looks like a mat raised at a particular height and surrounded by 4 poles
  • Leg and arm springs
  • Push and Pull-through bars to facilitate the stretch



  • It is a perfect machine for rehabilitation purposes as it corrects muscle imbalances with corrective patterns of motions to restore muscle functionality.
  • At least 80 different exercises can be performed on the Cadillac to build the core muscles, promote flexibility, strengthen back and shoulders and overall stretching of the entire body;
  • This machine supports those who are not able to get on and off the floor easily