Pilates Circle


  • Inner and outer foam grips offer extra comfort
  • Measures 35 cm in diameter
  • Lightweight construction
  • ideal for beginners

*shipment not included in price.


  • A round shaped bendable piece of rubber equipment used to support or complement a variety of Pilates exercises. It was introduced by the Originator of Pilates – Joseph Pilates and was referred as the ‘magic circle.’ The Pilates Circle has a standard diameter of approximately 13 inches and also has a flexible metal in addition to the rubber material.
  • Different resistances can be applied to challenge and build muscle strength, power and endurance.
  • They provide torso stability and help to sculpt and tone specific muscles.
  • They are flat and easy to transport between places for quick workouts (especially when travelling).
  • They are padded inside and outside which makes it much more useful to perform a variety of Pilates exercises.