Pilates Mat


  • Soft, resilient cushioning for comfort, safety and protection against injury
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Length: 183cm
  • Features a smooth surface for ease of movement.
  • Best quality material in the market

*shipment not included in price.

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  • A Pilates Mat is not an ordinary Yoga Mat, therefore, in order to get the best out of Pilates, it is imperative to ensure that the right equipment is used to avoid any possible injuries. In Matwork, your own body provides the resistance, working against gravity to build strength and recovery.
  • The Pilates Mat is approx. ½ inches thick as compared to a yoga mat which is about ¼ inches thick;
  • It is made from solid foam or PVC material and is heavier than a yoga mat which keeps it more secured and steady.
  • It is wider as compared to a regular yoga mat to allow more support for different exercises and poses;
  • The Pilates Mat has a smoother surface to transition between exercises more effectively as compared to a yoga mat which has a stickier surface.

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