Reformer SMP Glide


  • Frame Length: 226cm
  • Carriage Length: 90cm
  • Carriage Width: 58cm
  • Standing Platform Width: 12cm
  • Foot Bar Vertical Adjust: 5 Positions
  • Foot Bar Width: 88cm
  • Reformer Height: 17cm

*shipment & taxes not included in price.


  • The Reformer Machine is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment (introduced by Joseph Pilates-the Creator of the Pilates Method) which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys.
  • The carriage slides up and down with the help of wheels within the frame and resistance driven springs when exercises are performed.
  • Very versatile, sleek, precision-built with anodized aluminum for more durability.
  • Well known among Pilates Studios for its ease of use, adjustability, safety and solid construction.
  • Anodized aluminum for more durability.
  • The footbar has 5 different adjustments and is wide so that it can also accommodate large and/or tall practitioners.
  • 3 headrest positions for good cervical support.
  • Swivel pulleys provide multi variable angles of resistance.
  • Shoulder rests allows quick adjustments to four positions so that it can also accommodate large and/or tall but also small practitioners.
  • It stacks and stores vertically, which is a great space saver or easy storage.
  • Engineered and built for professional studios, it is also perfect for home use.