Ludovica Ungaretti (Kru Ludovica)



Senior Instructor


I am an orthopedic surgeon (Degree in Medicine and Surgery and then specialization in Orthopedic and Traumatology). I started practicing Pilates in a gym because was a new thing for me and I was inspired by the feeling that I had about strength, control and awareness of my body also doing other activities, in which I could use the Pilates principles. I spend my free time relaxing with a good book or movie, continuing training, hanging out with friends and traveling. I become a Pilates Instructor as I was very excited practicing Pilates in the gym and the teacher suggested me to try the course for Pilates instructor, also in order to use my knowledge about the human body and the orthopedic diseases. I like about my job as get satisfaction seeing my clients improve in their shape, in their strength and feeling better solving their problems. I like about the Pilates Station because it has beautiful environment, friendly staff and I feel comfortable like at home. I like about the Pilates Method as it is a perfect method that can be applied in our daily activities or other sports, because teaches you how to control your body, strengthening it in every single part, using concentration and flow. My first favorite benefit was healing my back problem and pain (I’ve got an hernia some years ago), so far feeling a sort of balance and stability with my whole body, that allows me also to feel a general health.



Good health , Strong body, Clear mind

Never give up on your dreams