Hello Everyone,

Wishing all of you a Pil-easant & Prosperous New Year!

2018 was full of beautiful experiences! It was a year of colorful and beautiful energies around me! I love my work and most importantly, I am glad to see that I contributed to the health improvement of individuals around the world through my certifications as well as class offerings from my Studio in Bangkok known as The Pilates Station!

Healthy movements along with essential nutrition are imperative for leading a strong and fit life and year by year, I see that more and more people are realizing the importance of practicing body movements in order to enhance or maintain a beneficial lifestyle.


How do I know this?

While observing my clients at my Studio, I am glad to see that there are certain individuals becoming engrossed or ‘addicted’ to practicing Pilates or BodyFly because I see them frequently and they tend to FEEL GOOD after these classes! ;). These individuals in my eyes become ENTHUSIASTS and they may or may not even realize it!

Passion starts dwelling towards practicing Pilates and BodyFly that they rarely miss a group class at the Pilates Station. It makes me so happy to see such individuals and as a 2nd Generation Pilates Master and Director of Education at the BodyFly Academy, I enjoy nourishing this passion by encouraging these individuals to participate in my Certifications.


This is no money making scheme or any kind of marketing because our Studio as well as our Institutes (which are: Swiss Pilates Institute and BodyFly Academy) by the Grace of God is doing really well in delivering quality education respectively, therefore, this is not for the money!

The feeling of passing knowledge to others for their benefit is priceless! I feel so good thinking that I have done my contribution to society and health communities in general. There are times where I have also given free advice, education and practice of Pilates and BodyFly and I just cannot express that feeling of internal happiness.

You will also see a lot of my blogs have addressed pathologies and how Pilates can be a form rehabilitation or a non-surgical solution if done regularly and correctly. I spend my time writing these blogs because I see value in passing on knowledge to the best of my capabilities and experience.

My certifications have a human-centered approach because it is about helping individuals to succeed and see the value of adopting healthy movements till you age. This is a value I hold on to very closely and try to embed the same in my students which is why I always say ‘Pilates from the Heart!’ More than transitioning the passion to a career, I always emphasize on transitioning the passion to their own health journey as this is where they will see the real benefits.


So… how do you know if you are a Pilates or a BodyFly ENTHUSIAST?

Here are a few questions that could potentially help you to understand yourself.

Please note: You can answer these questions even if you are attending other Pilates Studios; it doesn’t matter! The point is to understand your level of drive towards body movements:

  • Do you look forward to almost every class?
  • Do you reprioritize your time and day to ensure you are able to attend the classes?
  • Do you get inspired by the Instructor?
  • Do you ask the Instructor if you are performing the exercises correctly?
  • Do you make it a point to ask the Instructor how to help you improve on those weak poses or exercises?
  • Do you regularly want to challenge yourself to do the harder poses and exercises?
  • Do you regularly want to do more reps?
  • Do you want to apply different resistances?
  • Do you come home to do research?
  • Do you enjoy using the different apparatuses and equipment involved?
  • Do you consider Pilates or BodyFly to be your ‘ME’ time?
  • Do you like to keep talking about Pilates or BodyFly to your friends and family?
  • Do you want to guide others around you when you see them doing an exercise or pose incorrectly?
  • Do you feel that every investment in Pilates or BodyFly is a good investment to your health?
  • Do you first turn to Pilates or BodyFly whenever you have a slight physical ailment? (ex: minor back pain, shoulder pain…etc.).

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to most or all of the questions above, consider yourself an Enthusiast!

Now we have touched upon a New Year, which means taking on new opportunities, making changes and taking new chances. Nourish your lifestyle by aiming to enhance or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Certifications help you to understand the foundations of Pilates and BodyFly as well as how you can use your knowledge to lead your life or guide others for their own benefit.

More info about our Courses:

Swiss Pilates Institute: https://sanamotion.com/swisspilates/

The BodyFly Academy: https://sanamotion.com/bodyfly/

For all those who have completed the Certifications and passed all the exams at Sana Motion, I continue to wish you all the very best and for those of you who are considering, I look forward to passing on all my knowledge and growing together with you!

With Love,