Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week!

Thought of the Day: Are you ‘in’ to Pilates to fulfill a passion/goal or are you ‘in’ to Pilates to make it a career for yourself?

There is no right or wrong reason for pursuing a Pilates certification; I believe in the concept of ‘each to its own.’ There could be other reasons for completing Pilates certifications, i.e., rehabilitation, body sculpting or just pure love for the method after seeing extraordinary results from regular practice.

Many people start off with Pilates as part of a general workout. Over a regular period of practice and seeing results, Pilates can turn out to be a passion for some individuals. However, there are also some people who are not a big fan of Pilates because of finding a challenge to sync the mind and body together.

Those who eventually become passionate about Pilates may not have even known that they would be and some people get their gut feeling of how passionate they will be about this method as soon as they complete their first class. Some individuals get so inspired of their instructors that they choose Pilates as a career thinking that it would make them look fit, healthy and will also bring in a good amount of money – a total win-win situation!

Everyone’s journey is different!

On the money side of things, Pilates can be expensive for students; especially the private 1-1 classes but it does not necessarily mean that the teacher gets to pocket everything especially if you work for a studio or even operate your own studio as there are several cost factors involved.

However, this is debatable as some instructors might manage to make a reasonable amount of money per hour. It really depends on the number of clients you get, the time involvement (full-time or part-time) the level of usage for Pilates equipment. By Pilates equipment usage, I mean, do you already possess your own Pilates equipment that your clients can use or you have to rent out?

What’s it like at The Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI)?

At the Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI), I encourage my students to do Pilates from the heart and this is embedded into the values of our Pilates institution – i.e., to educate with PRECISION, SKILL & CARE! I wouldn’t want to generalize or judge anyone’s reason for pursuing a Pilates certification but I try to engrain my passion for Pilates into my students so that they find love for Pilates instead of making this a money making journey for themselves.

Although I have my own studio, and sure, I need money to keep it operational and running; I still don’t focus too much on the money factor and I wish to set myself as an example to others. I educate with passion, knowledge and heart by running several workshops, teacher trainings, private and group classes and sometimes I even do some classes for free because I believe in contributing to the health of others!

Another Thought: As a Co-Founder of the Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI), we invest a great amount our time and energy in running several Pilates certifications with the aim of grooming individuals to become passionate Pilates instructors. Our students have opened up their own Pilates studios and from the feedback and messages I have received from them; majority are doing very well in the field which makes me so proud! Given that I have my own Pilates Studio in Bangkok; am I not encouraging more competition for myself? This clearly shows that it was never for the money, it was just genuine and pure love all along!

Through several research and trials, I took my love for Pilates to another level by introducing BodyFly Certification Courses; a 3 leveled curriculum that creatively combines Pilates, dance, aerial yoga and choreography on a Hammock. This required a lot of time, testing phases and also a formal accreditation which came through smoothly. I’m hopeful that in the future, Pilates will evolve whilst maintaining the authenticity of the exercises and breathing techniques as much as possible.

As a 2nd Generation Pilates Professional, my vision is to authentically pass on the knowledge of the Pilates method and to create a new generation of Pilates instructors who will continue to spread this method for generations to come (well, I would genuinely hope so). I occasionally receive messages from my ex-students who have become successful Pilates Instructors and I can say this with full confidence; nothing is more rewarding than this to me!

When you register for a Pilates course at the Swiss Pilates Institute, think about whether this is for fulfilling your own Passion or for making money. There is no right or wrong answer – you choose!

Signing off with Love,