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International Training Academy


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February, 2019

30janAll Day03febEvent OverMatwork Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Yok Jade Sengsamran

04febAll Day09Event OverReformer Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Patricia Duchaussoy

11febAll Day14Event OverCadillac Certification - Bangkok, Thailandwith Patricia Duchaussoy

23febAll Day27Event OverMatwork Certification Xiamen, Chinawith Patricia Duchaussoy

24febAll Day27Event OverBodyFly L1 Certification - Xiamen, Chinawith Luxin


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Trends in Healthy Movement

Striking a Muscular Balance with Pilates

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! Whether it’s relationships, lifestyle, diet, work, exercise or money…etc., there is one thing in common that I’m sure we can all agree to: Achieving the right kind of BALANCE is Essential in life. Some of us get...

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Hello Everyone, Wishing all of you a Pil-easant & Prosperous New Year! 2018 was full of beautiful experiences! It was a year of colorful and beautiful energies around me! I love my work and most importantly, I am glad to see that I contributed to the health...

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Why Is It So Important to Be Aware of Your Body?

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a Pil-easant Week! In my blogs, you will often notice that I highlight the importance of having body awareness as being one of the key benefits of Pilates. What does that mean and how is it one of the crucial benefits of Pilates?...

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Why Joseph Pilates Created Pilates Apparatus?

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! Did you ever have a moment where you came into a Pilates Reformer Class & thought  ‘Wow.. this Machine looks Scary!’ It’s totally normal for 1st timers and beginners to feel intimidated by the different kinds...

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How to Choose a Pilates Teacher Training Course?

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a Pil-easant Week! There may come a time when you reflect on your journey in Pilates and realize how passionate you are to discover more and more about this extraordinary method. Whether it is to lose weight, tone up, re-condition...

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How to Prepare for a Pilates Teacher Exam?

Hi Everyone, Firstly, Congratulations on taking your Pilates Journey to the next level! We at The Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI) teach every student with all our heart and want them to excel in their Pilates journey not only for their own benefit, but also for them to...

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