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International Training Academy


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November 2018

09novAll Day13Matwork Certificationwith Patricia Duchaussoy

14novAll Day19Reformer Certificationwith Yok Jade Sengsamran

22novAll Day25Cadillac Certificationwith Patricia Duchaussoy

29novAll Day02decBodyFly L1 Certificationwith Fai Siree Vongruen

December 2018

29novAll Day02decBodyFly L1 Certificationwith Fai Siree Vongruen

13decAll Day16BodyFly L2 Certificationwith Fai Siree Vongruen


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Trends in Healthy Movement

Can Pilates Solve a Herniated Disc Problem?

Hello Everyone, Our spine is made up of a stack of individual bones (known as the vertebrae) and in between these bones, there is a jelly like cushion (nucleus pulposus or disc) that supports the human body’s range of motion and the overall movement of the spine. In...

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Pilates for Arthritis

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a Pil-easant Week! I would like to touch upon a topic that is becoming a worldwide concern yet I feel that people lack the understanding on addressing this important condition which is why I chose to write about it.  Just like the...

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Pilates for Menopause

Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a Pil-easant Week! A Woman’s Body is so Incredible & Beautiful! Every girl becomes a woman once they reach a certain age and its extraordinary how naturally she can bring another soul into this world. When we menstruate, it is a...

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Addressing Depression through Pilates & Coaching!

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a ‘Pil-easant’ Week! Have you ever had those moments or phases in life where you feel that you’re losing control of your life and your world is coming to an end? This is usually the feeling when you are falling into Depression or...

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Having a Surgery? How to Get ‘Really’ Ready!

Hello Everyone, Call it Coincidence, but for some strange reason, in the last few weeks, I came to know so many of my friends who were going in for a Surgery and I had a moment where I felt as if doctors, surgeons, hospitals were just invading the world!   Don’t get...

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Pilates for Osteoporosis

Hello Everyone, Hope you are having a Pil-Easant Week! Today, I wish to share with you a Condition that has a debatable reputation with Pilates and that is….. Osteoporosis. Some people think that Pilates can do more harm than recovery. After doing a lot of research, I...

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